Benefits of a Smart Controller

Benefits of installing a

SMART Controller

Solar Sync™ makes Smart Control available to
any Hunter AC powered controller
for maximum water savings.

X-Core smart residential controller

X-Core smart
residential controller

Pro-C for commercial residential systems

Pro-C for commercial
& residential systems

I-Core powerful commercial control

I-Core powerful
commercial control

ACC high-end commercial controller

ACC high-end
commercial controller

Provides a beautiful landscape

Provides a beautiful landscape

Hunter Smart controllers help landscapes flourish by providing optimal watering without over or under watering. Overwatering contributes to unhealthy plants.

Reduces water waste

Reduces water waste

By properly scheduling irrigation run-times and adjustments to meet plant material needs, Hunter smart controllers use the optimal amount of water for plant life while reducing wasteful water runoff.

Saves money

Saves money

Hunter WaterSense labeled controllers help eliminate overwatering and may lower water-use expenses. Savings will vary based on past irrigation schedules and design. Some municipalities even offer rebates or savings for using an approved WaterSense controller.

Provides convenience

Provides convenience

Hunter smart controllers do the adjusting for you. Once configured properly, the Solar Sync will monitor the weather data and automatically adjust the irrigation schedule for optimal watering. For example, without smart controllers, if it rains during a scheduled run time and you are not home, your sprinkler system will continue to water. But with your smart controllers, Solar Sync will automatically shut down any scheduled irrigation. Hunter smart controllers give you the confidence of knowing the technology is adjusting the schedule correctly so you can sit back and enjoy your landscape.


Smart Irrigation starts with proper Design and Installation

A smart controller is part of a properly designed, installed, operated and maintained automatic irrigation system. The controller is responsible for activating each valve and for the amount of water applied to the landscape.

It is important that an irrigation professional installs a smart controller to ensure it is set up properly for the water requirements of the landsape.

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