Quick Specs

Application: Residential/Commercial
Number of Stations: 3 to 15
Type: AC Power, Modular
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Modularity Means Complete Customization From 3 to 15 Stations

Packed with the most advanced features in residential control, the modular design of the Pro-C offers the flexibility to change the number of station outputs (from 3 to 15) at any time. That way, upgrades can be made to a landscape without having to change out the controller. From a contractor’s standpoint, this also means that only the controller and modules need to be stocked, so maintaining inventory is simple and easy. But modularity isn’t all this controller has to offer. It is also compatible with Hunter’s Solar Sync ET Sensor. With the revolutionary Solar Sync sensor, the Pro-C is converted into a “smart controller,” that regulates irrigation runtimes based on locally measured weather. Pro-C is also compatible with Hunter remote controls for quick, wireless activation of irrigation.


Facepack Upgrade (P/N 526205)

Pro-C now has the ability to control lighting. A facepack upgrade adds FX lighting control, with the ability to operate up to 3 lighting transformers using 3 new lighting programs (L1, L2, L3). Creating a schedule for a lighting program is as easy as creating a schedule for irrigation, using the same, familiar Pro-C programming features.

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