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How do I replace the front panel on my Hunter ICC controller?

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The first step when installing a new front panel on a modular controller is to be sure power has been completely removed from the controller.

After power has been removed, locate the front panels door tab on the top right of the panel.


Pull the panel open just as you did with the controllers front door.

Locate the grey ribbon cable connected to the back of the face panel.


Carefully pull the plastic part of the ribbon cable out of the front panel. Ribbon cables can become corroded over time and after heavy abuse can tear or rip, be careful when removing the ribbon cable.

Now that the front panel is removed from the power modules ribbon cable you can hinge the panel out starting with the top corner.  Pushing up on the case's tab can make removal a little easier, as pictured here with the installer's right hand.


The panel is now ready for removal. To install the new panel repeat these steps backwards, make sure not to bend any pins when plugging the ribbon cable into the new panel.



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