How do I replace the wiper seal on my Hunter pop-up sprinkler?

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Over time general usage can cause riser seals to wear out, similar to the wiper blades on a car, they require replacement. Telltale signs of this are usually heads that have riser stems stuck up after operation has ceased, or excessive leaking around the riser seal while the head is in operation. Fortunately replacement is simple and riser seals are generally inexpensive.



To illustrate the ease of this installation we've chosen to use the Hunter Pro Spray 4 inch model with a 10 ft (3.0m) Pro Spray Fixed nozzle.

Begin by unscrewing the head's body cap counter clockwise to allow access to the riser seal.


After the body cap is removed you can then remove the internal assembly. The nozzle will keep the riser seal and spring in place until removed.

With the spring's tension pushed down, unscrew the nozzle counter clockwise. This assembly will be under pressure so be sure not to lose the spring.


Remove the old riser seal, replace with the new wiper seal. (P/N 472300)

Hold down the spring to make nozzle installation a little easier and release.


Once the internal assembly is reconstructed it can now be reinstalled into the spray body.

Note: If this procedure is attempted with the spray body still in the ground be sure that no debris gets back into the lateral lines. If this does happen, thorough flushing will need to ensue before the internal assembly is reinstalled.

Hand tighten the body cap by turning clockwise and test system.



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