How do I set Seasonal Adjustment on my Pro-C controller?

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Seasonal Adjust is used to make global run time changes without reprogramming the entire controller. This feature is perfect for making small changes that are necessary as the weather changes throughout the year.

For instance, during hotter times of the year, the landscape may require a bit more water. Seasonal Adjust can be increased so the stations run longer than the programmed time. Conversely, as fall approaches the Seasonal Adjust can be reduced to allow for short watering durations.

This overall percentage based change applies globally to all Run Times on the controller. On newer controllers like the ICore and ACC, Seasonal Adjustments can be applied on a program basis. Perfect for courtyard areas and drip zones that may not need adjustments throughout the year.

For example: If your Run Times in the summer are set for 1 hour and you adjust the Seasonal Adjust to 50%, your Run Times will now change to 30 minutes.

 (Depending on the age of your Pro-C controller the Seasonal Adjust feature will either be accessed by having the dial in the RUN position and using the buttons to the left of the display or in newer units by using the Seasonal Adjustment dial position.)



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