Inlet Valve Servicing – All Models

Inlet Valves (also commonly known as foot valves) do not have serviceable internal parts and the valves are welded together as an assembly. As a result, inlet valves cannot be taken apart. Any disassembly of an inlet valve will lead to a valve that is no longer usable.

Contamination within the inlet valve can cause the valve to leak. To remove contamination within the inlet valve, follow the procedures below:

Fill a bucket with clean water. Using the TTS Valve Flushing Tool (P/N 609400), insert the stainless steel metal pins on the tool into the holes at the bottom of the inlet valve’s screen. While holding the TTS Valve Flushing Tool in the palm of one hand and the top of the inlet valve with the other hand, lower the inlet valve into the bucket of water. To clean & flush contamination from the valve, firmly push the tool into the valve. Resistance will be felt as the valve’s internal spring is compressed. Cycle the valve open & closed with the tool multiple times while holding it submerged in the bucket of water. Remove the valve from the water and inspect for any remaining contamination.


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