Micro Sprays

Quick Specs

Application: Residential/Commercial
Uses: Accurate Area Watering
For Specific Close-In Coverage, Hunter Provides Three Smart Solutions


The Solo-Drip Micro Spray provides eight streams of close-in coverage that apply water exactly where it’s needed. Featuring fingertip cap control for flow and throw adjustment, Solo-Drip provides efficient, reliable close-in and adjustable coverage.


For a full-circle umbrella of water with a larger diameter than the Solo-Spray, Hunter offers the Halo-Spray. It’s completely adjustable, so it can be customized per application and landscape type. For a ‘blanket of water effect,’ multiple units can easily be combined and appropriately configured.


When fixed pattern micro sprays are required with poly-flex risers, Hunter offers the Trio Micro Spray family. The Trio-Spray is available in full-circle, half-circle and 90-degree options, and is ideal for a controlled environment that’s slightly larger, yet still requires a specific radius and pattern.

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