Guida veloce

Raggio: da 4,3 a 11,6 m
Portate: da 0,13 a 1,23 m³/ora
Portate: da 2,2 a 20,5 l/min
Filetto ingresso: 1/2''
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The PGJ Delivers All The Benefits of a Rotor In a Compact, Spray-Sized Package

The PGJ was built to bring all the efficient benefits of rotary sprinklers to applications that typically call for a spray. Its many features include a rack of easy-to-install-and-change, water-efficient nozzles, easy arc adjustment, and all the safety and durability that comes with a rubber cover. The PGJ is capable of working in tandem with larger rotors to combine big and small areas in a single zone, offering a convenience and efficiency that sprays do not. When used in the right application, the PGJ allows fewer heads to perform more efficiently at a more economical price.

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