Aplicação: Comercial/Municipal
Raio: 13,4 m a 23,2 m
Vazão: 1,63 a 6,84 m³/h
Tamanho da rosca: 1” BSP
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For Sports Fields and Parks, I-40 Delivers Professional Results

The I-40 is a tough commercial rotor that delivers water with accuracy and efficiency at distances up to 70 feet. Featuring diverse three-port nozzle options, a non-strippable drive, and a thick rubber cover built to prevent injury; it's no wonder this rotor is found in more stadiums than any other in the world. With the strength of stainless steel, the I-40 is built to last in the harshest sports, public park, and commercial environments. If efficiency, effective irrigation, and beautiful results are the goal, the I-40 is the irrigation professional's best solution.

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