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Logo Guidelines

Imbedded in the Hunter name is our reputation for exceptional quality, innovation, and customer service. To maintain our brand integrity, we have created guidelines to ensure consistency in how our logo is used by all employees and partners worldwide.

To download the Hunter logo, you must first read and agree to the following Logo Guidelines.


The Hunter logo is available for use in only two colors:

  • Use the black logo against a solid white or light-colored background.

  • Use the white logo against a solid Hunter blue or dark-colored background.

Using the logo in Hunter Blue is permitted only on one-color jobs, and must be approved by Hunter’s Creative Development Department before being produced. Please send artwork for approval to:


The smallest allowable size for producing the Hunter logo is:

  • In Print: 0.75 inches (2 cm) wide
  • On the Web: 90 pixels wide


Leave a generous amount of space around the Hunter logo.

Minimum clear space around the logo: at least ½ the height of the “H” in the logo.

The preferred placement of the Hunter logo is either toward the bottom right of the page, or the upper right-hand corner.

Do not

  • DO NOT re-color or outline the logo

  • DO NOT use the discontinued "Irrigation Innovators" tagline

  • DO NOT stretch, compress or distort the logo in any way

  • DO NOT apply drop shadows

  • DO NOT use the logo in a holding box or any other shape

The Hunter Tagline: Built on Innovation

Built on Innovation is a registered trademark of Hunter Industries, Inc. It speaks to our legacy, and innovation as the foundation of every product and service across all Hunter companies

  • "The Irrigation Innovators" tagline was discontinued in 2012, and should not be used in any materials.
  • Built on Innovation is a registered trademark of Hunter Industries, Inc. and must not be translated.

Please request to use the "Built on Innovation" tagline in materials by submitting your artwork to Hunter’s Creative Development Department for approval before production.


To download the Hunter logo, you must agree to follow these guidelines

By checking this box, you agree to follow the guidelines outlined above.