Can I shut the flow off to one head?

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If you have the most popular PGP model, there is a "blank" nozzle on the gray low-angle nozzle rack.  Or you can simply remove the red nozzle and put some bubble gum in it, then re-install the nozzle.

There are a couple ways to do this, but it's going to depend on which model head you are trying to shut off.

If it's a Hunter rotor, it may have a FloStop feature that allows the head to be shut off using the Hunter adjustment wrench. As seen here located in the middle of this I-20's rubber cover.

I-20 rotor shown with Hunter Adjustment Wrench

If it's a Hunter Pro Spray or Institutional Series spray head you could use a Pro Spray Shutoff Cap to eliminate useless watering. Pro Spray shutoff caps can be purchased through your local Hunter distributor, to find a distirbutor nearest you click on Get Hunter at the top of this page.



Shut off cap for PROS/INST, thread on P/N 213600

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