How do I adjust my Hunter PS spray body?

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The PS comes from the factory with a preset spray arc of 1º (a very thin stream). The raised dot on top of the nozzle indicates the adjustable (left) edge of the spray pattern.


Arc Adjustment

With the raised dot aligned to the right-hand border of the coverage area, insert the two pins on the side of the Hunter adjustment wrench into any of the nozzle spokes on top. The nozzle will turn increasing the coverage and discharge rate. You may need to hold the riser stem of the PS to stop it from ratcheting with your adjustments.


Radius Adjustment

The radius comes from the factory with the maximum radius set (radius depends on the model of head). From this setting you can minimize the radius by 25 percent.

  1. Hold the plastic nozzle stationary by inserting the two pins on the side of the Hunter adjustment wrench between any of the nozzle spokes.
  2. With a second Hunter wrench, turn the stainless steel hex screw clockwise to decrease and counterclockwise to increase the radius and discharge rate.




Note: The radius should not be reduced more than 25%.


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