Node Manual Watering

Installation Procedures

Manual Watering allows the user to test each station or a program for a specified run time . The weather sensor condition (if used) will be disregarded in this mode .

  1. Make sure the controller is in Idle Mode . Press and hold the right arrow button until the icon is displayed .
  2. The station number will be displayed in the lower left side of the display along with the run time .
  3. Use the left and right arrow buttons to select the desired station and the plus and minus buttons to set the manual watering time for the station shown.
  4. To manually activate a program, press the PRG button . The program letter (A, B, or C) will show on the screen.
    If a different program is needed, press the PRG button until the desired program is displayed .
  5. To stop the Manual watering cycle press the minus button until the time is reduced to zero.
  6. Press the button to proceed to the next programming function or allow controller to return to idle mode .
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