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Node Setting Watering Start Times


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  1. Press the button until the icon is displayed.
  2. The start time will be displayed flashing, along with the program letter (A, B, or C) and the start time number (1, 2, 3, or 4) in the upper left of the display. Up to 4 different start times can be set for each program.
  3. Use the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to change the start time for the program that is displayed. Each press of the button will change the start time in 1 minute increments.
  4. Press the right arrow (>) button to add an additional start time to the program displayed. The start time number is shown in the upper left corner of the display.
  5. Press the PRG button to add start times to a different program.
  6. Press the button to proceed to the next programming function or allow controller to return to idle mode.

NOTE: After programming the run time for the last station press the right arrow (>) button to display the total run time for the program.

Installation Procedures
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