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Solar Sync Sensor Overview And Operation

Installation Procedures

The Solar Sync sensor is simple and easy to install (see controller  owner's manual to verify compatibility). The sensor should be  placed in an area where it can receive full sun and rain; The  Solar Sync sensor measures solar radiation and temperature and  calculates the daily evapotranspiration (ET) factor for irrigation. This represents the amount of water lost by the plants due to local  climatic conditions, which needs to be replaced by irrigation. The Solar Sync sensor also includes a Hunter RainClikTM rain sensor that will automatically shut down the irrigation system during rain events, thus preventing unwanted irrigation when it is raining. Enter a mid summer watering program in your Solar Sync compatible controller per the programming instructions in the owner's manual provided with your controller. The controller receives data from the sensor and applies it daily to the water schedule by adjusting the controller’s programmed irrigation run times through the seasonal adjustment feature.

Sensor Overview and Operation

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