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Solar Sync X-Core Controller

Installation Procedures

The X-Core Controller is programmed with Solar Sync technology and, therefore, does not require the use of the Solar Sync module. Simply mount the Wireless Receiver on the controller cabinet using an available knock out and secure with the supplied conduit nut. Or, use the supplied brackets to mount the Wireless Receiver on the wall, similar to the Pro-C installation shown on page 8. Depending on the installation, the supplied 1.5" (3.8 cm) extender may be required. Route the wires from the Wireless Receiver in to the controller cabinet.

  1. Make sure power to the controller is turned off
  2. Connect the black Receiver wire to the “SEN” Terminal location (it does not matter which “SEN” terminal is used)
  3. Connect the green Receiver wire to the other “SEN” terminal location

X-Core Controller

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