Upper Snap-ring Removal – G900 Series

Adjustment, Installation Procedures

Prior to removal of the upper snap-ring assembly, the rubberized logo cap must be removed and the riser assembly must be pressed below the snap-ring’s rubberized seal. If the procedure below is not followed, the upper snap-ring assembly cannot be removed from the G900 Series rotors:



Remove the stainless screw from the center of the rubberized logo cap using a Phillips screwdriver. Prior to removing the rubberized logo cap, note that the arrows on the logo indicate the position of the nozzles on the riser assembly.

As the rubberized logo cap is removed, note there is a protruding pin on the underside of the logo cap.


This pin is the alignment feature on the rubberized logo cap that must be inserted correctly during assembly in order for the arrows on the rubberized logo cap to be positioned over the nozzles below. Note which hole the pin fits into on top of the riser. Also note that the pin and hole locations are different for the G90 and G95 risers.

Once the rubberized logo cap is removed, use the palm of your hand to forcefully press the riser assembly down...


...below the rubberized wiper seal on the snap-ring assembly. When the rotor is dry (without water within) more force is required. If sprinkler is installed and has been activated, the water acts to lubricate the wiper making the procedure much easier.

To remove the snap-ring assembly, hold Snap-ring Tool (P/N 052510) vertical over the rotor’s upper snap-ring area. Align the metal end of the snap-ring tool to the indicator on the snap-ring’s rubberized wiper seal.


Use the palm of the other hand to drive the tool downward & through the rubberized membrane. Tool should penetrate about ¼ inch into the snap-ring assembly. While holding the tool within the snap-ring, press the tool’s handle downward and away from the center of the rotor.

As the tool is pressed downward, the snap-ring will lift from the rotor. While using the tool to hold the snap-ring in this elevated position, use the other hand to pull the snap-ring from the rotor. If the snap-ring’s rubberized wiper seal appears to be the only part that is lifting, the tool has not penetrated into the snap-ring far enough.


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