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X-Core Installing the Wireless Solar Sync

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The X-Core is compatible with the Solar Sync and Wireless Solar Sync systems. Solar Sync is a sensor system that will automatically adjust the X-Core controller’s watering schedule (based on changes in local climate condition) by using the Seasonal Adjust function. The Solar Sync uses a solar and temperature sensor to determine evapotranspiration (ET), or the rate at which plants and turf use water, and also includes Hunter Rain Clik and Freeze Clik technology that will shut down irrigation when it rains and/or during freezing conditions.

Installing the Wireless Solar Sync
Connect the Green and Black wire from the Wireless Solar Sync Receiver to the “SEN” wiring terminals on the X-Core controller. It does not matter which wire connects to which terminal. Turn the dial to the “Solar Sync Settings” position. The display will initially show dashed lines and then will show the default Region setting (3) on the left and the default Water Adjustment setting (5) on the right. Adjust the region as needed by using the and buttons. Use the button to advance to the right to adjust the Water Adjust setting as needed.

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