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X-Core, XC Hybrid, Pro-C®, ICC, XC, EC, SRC / SRC PlusFAQs, TroubleshootingWhy won't my controller turn a station or program on?
EC, Pro-C®, XC, XC Hybrid, ICC, X-Core, SRC / SRC PlusFAQs, Troubleshooting, VideoWhy does my irrigation system finish watering and then start again?
X-Core, XC Hybrid, Pro-C®, ICC, PCC, I-Core®FAQs, TroubleshootingWhy are my sprinklers not watering?
XC Hybrid, X-Core, Pro-C®, ICC, Pump Start Relay, ACC, XCAdjustment, FAQsWhere can I purchase replacement keys for my Hunter controller?
XC Hybrid, SVC, Node, WVP/WVCFAQsWhat type of solenoid should I use with Hunter’s battery-operated controllers?
X-Core, XC, XC Hybrid, Pro-C®, PCC, ICC, I-Core®, ICCFAQs, TroubleshootingWhat should I check if the controller has a partial or blank display?
X-Core, XC, XC Hybrid, Pro-C®, PCC, ICCFAQs, Installation ProceduresWhat is needed for a complete watering program?
X-Core, XC, XC Hybrid, Pro-C®, PCC, ICC, EC, Roam, SRC / SRC Plus, Roam XLFAQs, TroubleshootingIs there a list of error codes for Hunter controllers?
Node, XC Hybrid, SVC, WVP/WVCAdjustment, FAQsHow far away can I install a valve from a Hunter XC Hybrid battery operated controller (+ battery life information)?
XC Hybrid, X-CoreAdjustment, FAQs, Installation ProceduresHow do I program Interval Days on my Hunter X-Core controller?