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XC, X-Core, Pro-C, ICC, EC, SRC / SRC PlusFAQs, TroubleshootingWhy does my controller display "NO" or "NO AC"?
X-Core, XC Hybrid, Pro-C, ICC, XC, EC, SRC / SRC PlusFAQs, TroubleshootingWhy won't my controller turn a station or program on?
EC, XC, SRC / SRC Plus, Pro-C, ICC, I-CoreFAQs, TroubleshootingHow do I test voltage at my controller and solenoid?
SRC / SRC Plus, X-CoreFAQs, TroubleshootingMy Hunter SRC controller reverts back to the current time when I try to run a station, what is wrong with my controller?
EC, Pro-C, XC, XC Hybrid, ICC, X-Core, SRC / SRC PlusFAQs, Troubleshooting, VideoWhy does my irrigation system finish watering and then start again?
X-Core, XC, XC Hybrid, Pro-C, PCC, ICC, EC, Roam, SRC / SRC Plus, Roam XLFAQs, TroubleshootingIs there a list of error codes for Hunter controllers?