Hunter Industries Wellness Center Employees Exercising
Four health and wellness specialists work with employees to obtain their goals.


We understand that our employees make all the difference in our ability to be successful. At Hunter, we strive to create a supportive, motivating workplace where everyone can flourish. As a manufacturer with in-house molding, distribution, and tooling, we have a wide variety of employee categories. To foster personal and professional growth, we have training programs that include employees from the shop floor to the executive office. To help employees achieve their wellness goals and help them stay fit, we have a corporate wide program called Lifeshift. At Hunter, employees share in the profit by receiving a percentage of their salary as an annual bonus. By inspiring, challenging, and developing our employees, we're making Hunter a company where coming to work means more than just having a job.

Who are our Employees?

 2012  2013
2012 Total1226 2013 Total1264

Tenure (2013 Hunter includes ca Sales Force)
Gender 21+ 11 - 20 6 - 10 < 6
Female 64 51 194 259
Male 79 139 165 373
Total 143 190 359 632

Generation (2013 Hunter includes ca Sales Force)
Traditionals (prior to 1946) 3 5 8
Boomers (1946 - 1964) 129 209 338
Gen X (1965 - 1979) 97 247 344
Millennials (1980 - 2000) 45 118 163

Hunter Lifeshift

Hunter is committed to helping employees and their families improve their health and achieve their wellness goals. Hunter Lifeshift encourages employees to live a healthy lifestyle and manage ongoing health issues. Lifeshift has seen great success since the program’s inception in 2010. In 2013, 641 employees and their family members completed the program. Based upon 9 risk factors, Hunter Industries has 60% fewer high risk employees than the national population.

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To ensure Hunter continues to develop its employees, we track and analyze our training hours. In 2013, on average each employee received 51.7 hours of training. In 2014, we plan to rollout a new HRIS system with an organizational development module, which can track training hours.


Building Better Teams

At Hunter we use the Predictive Index® (PI®), a data-driven behavior analysis system, to analyze and optimize individuals, teams, and leaders. This year there was an increased focus on training managers and supervisors on the system, so we can better leverage the methodology for team building, hiring, and growth.

Environmental Health and Safety Training

We are a manufacturing facility with heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and automated systems. All employees undergo monthly Environmental Health and Safety trainings, as part of Hunter’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Throughout the year, departments are required to attend regulatory mandated annual training in accordance to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations. Areas of training include Personal Protective Equipment, Stormwater Pollution Prevention, Lock-out Tagout, etc.

Lean Six Sigma Training

To help embed a culture of continuous improvement, Hunter has partnered with California State University, San Marcos to offer in-house Lean Six Sigma certification. Lean Six Sigma training has reached employees from most departments at Hunter Industries. In 2013, twenty employees were Black Belt certified and fifteen received their Master Black Belt.

Ergonomic Training

The number of our workers' compensation claims have remained steady. To ensure a safe workplace for production employees, Hunter is working to combat repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. 

Professional Development

Hunter Industries encourages employee growth through higher education. Hunter reimburses tuition expenses for enrollment in courses that enhance professional or personal development of up to $4,650 annually.

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Looking Forward

  • Rollout Hunter Management System Training Program
  • Improve Leadership and Employee Development Program
  • Start Upward Review Process
  • Revising performance appraisals to include newly-identified skills
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