Hunter Industries Engineering Employees Designing Sprinklers


In 2013, the engineering team moved into a remodeled facility, which provides workspace for 81 department personnel. Where previously engineering was spread among 3 buildings, housing all engineering in one building improves collaboration. The new facility provides the latest technology for R&D and testing. During the engineering building remodel, extensive measures were put in place to ensure efficient use of energy.

Making the best use of our natural resources is a driving force in our development efforts and plays a significant role in both our current and future product offerings.

Arne Pike Vice President of Engineering

Mexico Engineering

Our Mexico engineering team is continuously improving our manufacturing processes to achieve higher efficiencies. ISO 9001 structure helps track the manufacturing input variables so that engineers can develop robust processes and improvements to ensure high quality products. All members of Mexico’s engineering team are trained in lean manufacturing techniques. Mexico engineering’s top priorities for 2014 include product and mold transfers from San Marcos, waste reduction, and product line efficiency improvements. 

After the learning curve of a new product line is overcome, the Mexico team works to optimize space and increase throughput.

AMADO ZAZUETA Engineering Manager

As part of the continuous improvement spirit, Hunter Mexico has established a Kaizen program which is a lean manufacturing exercise to addresses a particular productivity, quality or efficiency issue in the shortest amount of time possible. The program was used to redesign the I-20 Pop-Up line, which freed up space for an additional product line.  

Product Line Improvements

To foster idea generation and engage employees in product line improvements Hunter Mexico has suggestion boxes located throughout the facility.  Each year the idea with the most impact get recognized with the Edwin Hunter award. The 2013 award winning idea consisted of a better fixture to hold the PGJ rotor while applying a label elminating waste and 100% visual inspection of the correct alignment of the label.


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2013 Engineering Accomplishments

It was a busy year for the engineering department. While moving into a new building, they continued to improve the quality of existing products and develop new ones. Customer satisfaction has been one of Hunter’s guiding values over the past 30 years, and meeting, if not exceeding, customer’s expectations starts in the engineering department.

Control Systems and Sensors:

  • Pilot Golf Central Control
  • I-Core / Solar Sync Integration
  • FX Luxor Wi-Fi
  • EPA WaterSense Cycle & Soak
  • Solar Sync Delay

Mechanical Products:

  • G85 Golf Rotor
  • I-25/I-40 Dirt Tolerance Enhancement
  • G80 Block Body Rotor
  • Point Source Drip Emitters and Bubblers

Lighting Fixtures and Accessories:

  • FX LED Aluminum Based Pathlights (PL & TM)
  • FX LED Well Light (FC)
  • FX LED Micro Spot (QZ)
  • FX LED Large PB (LC)
  • FX PO Ceiling Bracket
  • TE Top on PE Light
  • FX LED G3 Optics (Pathlight and Beam Angle)
  • FX LED Tulip Inserts (TD & FG)
  • FX LED PM (PM)
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