Hunter Industries is a privately owned global company. Our Board of Directors is comprised of four members of the Hunter family and five independent members. An executive leadership team oversees day-to-day operations ensuring high performance while maintaining our core values.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to deliver innovative products and services of the highest quality to the industries we serve. We will achieve this mission without compromising our core values of customer satisfaction, innovation, family, and citizenship. 

CSR Reporting Team

The CSR team is comprised of managers from across the company ensuring a broad system view for strategic reporting decisions. The team is responsible for determining report content and has been instrumental in shaping the report from indicator selection to stakeholder engagement. A team of data collectors provide the CSR team with accurate information from their areas of expertise.

Below is an organizational chart showing the CSR Reporting team structure.

Focus 3P

Focus3P is comprised of volunteers from departments across Hunter that donate their free and work time to help Hunter “Focus on the triple bottom line People, Planet, Profit, so we act in a manner today that positively impacts tomorrow”.   

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