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With the implementation of a disciplined LEAN Six-Sigma and “5S” approach to manufacturing, our continuous process improvement efforts have resulted in reduced production waste and non-value added activities.

Ken McEneany Vice President of Manufacturing

Hunter Industries' continuous improvement efforts focus on the “Basics of Manufacturing” in delivering the highest quality products, on customer demand, at a competitive price.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident with the investment of in-house Six-Sigma classes and projects certified by California State University, San Marcos. These principles and methodologies guide our Corrective and Preventive Action plans and provide a systematic investigation to prevent occurrence and / or recurrence of discrepancies resulting in reduced scrap and product returns. The “5S” approach provides direction to workplace organization. “5S” is not only a system and a philosophy, it is a culture.

Mexico Manufacturing

Manufacturing has a focus on cross department collaboration for improved system alignment to reach component and assembly level targets. These projects are a win-win for the environment and bottom line. 

Paul Gros Vice President of Manufacturing

Mexico’s operations are vertically integrated including both plastic injection molding and assembly. Mexico operations are ISO9001:2008 certified. Certification is leveraged to provide a framework for a robust quality management system. In 2013, Hunter has relocated FX Luminaire and custom molding to our Mexico facilities.

With the addition of FX Luminaire and Custom Molding we will have the opportunity to learn another set of skills and manufacturing Technologies.


The facilities include molding machines, high speed 5 axis CNC machines, and painting and powder coating operations. Our custom molding group serves a wide variety of industries including automotive, medical, and retail packaging. Hunter Irrigation utilizes the molding machines to create components for automated and manual production lines; FX Luminaire utilizes the high speed CNC machines to create elegant lighting fixtures that are then painted or powder coated to create beautiful finishes.


North American Free Trade Agreement

Working within the guidelines of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) all the material going in and out of the country needs to be closely accounted for because the manufactured byproducts are sent back to the United States for processing. Hunter assisted our material hauler to achieve special Authorized Scrap Carrier licensing, which provides the confidence that we are properly disposing or recycling materials via our U.S. customs broker.

ISO 9001 Certified

Hunter Industries Mexico achieved ISO 9001-2008 certification in May 2011. The ISO 9001 system provides a framework used to meet our customer’s requirements. An ISO management group oversees the ISO framework and maintains certification. ISO creates a culture of process improvement, accountability, and transparency, so all departments are working together toward a common goal.

Process Management

Each process is tracked through key performance indicators (KPIs) that are developed to roll up into three main objectives of Quality, Delivery and Competitive Cost. The ISO management group works with all departments to track their Key Performance Indicators and implement corrective actions when needed.

Resource Management

Processes are tracked and analyzed to properly balance Human, Capital and System resources while using lean techniques to ensure its most efficient use.

Continuous Improvement

Inherent to a functional ISO system is continuous improvement. By tracking metrics of all departments, employees strive towards improvement.

Aligning all activities under one umbrella helps us to operate in an orderly way. ISO9001 streamlines tasks and identifies opportunities for improvement.

CARLOS IBARRA Operations Manager

One particular success resulting from the ISO implementation is the improvement of the PGV valve’s quality. The 1” PGV valve quality was improved resulting in a drop from 3000 defective parts per million (DPPM) to 500 DPPMs.


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Looking Forward

  • Incorporating FX into the ISO9001 system
  • Moving to ISO9001:2012
  • FX Value Stream Mapping
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