Company Overview


Company Overview

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of products for the landscape irrigation and lighting industries and a custom molding provider. Founded in 1981, the privately owned company offers more than 1,000 products offering water and energy efficient solutions for residential and commercial landscape lighting and irrigation systems. Hunter’s core mission is to produce innovative products of the highest quality and back them with unwavering customer support. Hunter Industries holds more than 250 product patents and 40 trademarks.

Our Story

Hunter Industries was founded by irrigation industry pioneer and entrepreneur Edwin J. Hunter and his son Paul. Hunter Industries was built on the innovation of gear-driven rotors that allows a steady stream of water to flow through a sprinkler’s nozzle and efficiently cover wide expanses of turf. This was revolutionary at the time, because the industry standard was “impact” style sprinklers, which clumsily throw water into the air and provide poor coverage.

In 1983, Hunter introduced the PGP gear-driven rotor to the world of irrigation. Its success as an efficient, reliable product quickly put Hunter on the map as a well-respected irrigation equipment manufacturer. In 1985, with growing demand for the PGP, Hunter opened international distribution channels in Australia and Europe. By 1994, the Hunter product offering grew to include short and long-distance rotors, sprays, valves, and controllers. With the company stable and the future bright, Ed retired in 1994. His son Richard, an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur, continued growing the business.

Under the leadership of Richard Hunter, the product line expanded to include rotors that cover distances up to 160 feet, the water-saving MP Rotator, climate-based irrigation controllers, heavy duty valves, modular residential and commercial controllers, the subsurface Eco-Mat, Professional Landscape Dripline with built-in check-valves, and several robust central control options. Hunter also acquired the FX Luminaire brand of outdoor lighting, and formed Hunter Custom Molding, which offers our extremely efficient manufacturing services to industries beyond irrigation. In 2013, Richard’s son Greg became the third generation to continue Hunter’s legacy.

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Company Information

Headquartered in San Marcos, California, our products are sold in more than 80 countries. Our manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in San Diego county and Tijuana, Mexico. Today we have nearly 1,340 employees including our global sales force. In 2013, we achieved our goal of $300 million in sales. We are primarily a business-to-business manufacturer and sell our goods to irrigation and lighting distributors, and contractors. In 2010, we entered the retail market selling directly to the homeowner.

Since the beginning, Hunter's core business has been producing professional irrigation products that use as little water and energy as possible to create optimal landscape function and ambiance.

In 2009, Hunter entered the low voltage lighting business with the acquisition of FX Luminaire. FX produces a full line of low voltage and LED outdoor lighting lamps, transformers, and accessories for landscape and architectural lighting. The company is focused on the advancement of LED landscape lighting technology and digital lighting control with zoning, dimming, and color adjustment capabilities.

Hunter Custom Molding is a full service custom molding company whose mission is to deliver innovative molding and production services of the highest quality and value. Industries served include industrial controls, medical, LED/Lighting, automotive, and various consumer products from surfboard fins to paintball masks, and outdoor light casings. 

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  • IA - Irrigation Association
  • LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects
  • ASIC - American Society of Irrigation Consultants
  • STMA - Sports Turf Managers Association
  • NIAAA - National Interscholastic Athletic Directors
  • PLANET - Professional Landcare Network
  • GRHC - Green Roofs For Healthy Cities
  • CIT - Center for Irrigation Technology 
  • GCSAA - Golf Course Superintendents Association
  • GCB - Golf Course Builders
  • ARCSA- American Rainwater Catchment Association
  • AWWA - American Water Works Association
  • NRPA - National Recreation and Parks Association
  • AWE - Alliance for Water Efficiency
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  • Irrigation Association 2013 Smart Marketing Contest Winner
  • Government of Baja, California: Award for environmental performance and for improving the quality of the environment and natural resources of the state
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