Focus 3P

Sustainability Meeting

Focus 3P

Our sustainability team changed its name to Focus 3P to reflect our efforts to ensure Hunter is focused on People, Planet and Profit.  Focus 3P is comprised of volunteers from departments across Hunter.

Hunter defines sustainability as: Acting in a manner today that positively impacts tomorrowWe achieve this by focusing on the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit (the 3Ps) in everything we do.

6 Strategic Visions

Last June, Greg Hunter attended a Focus 3P meeting to discuss our current sustainability position and posed this question: “How do we formalize sustainability at Hunter Industries? “  

Focus 3P split into groups to work on each vision and develop a number of ideas to strive toward these visions through a backcasting exercise. Backcasting, works backward from a strategic vision and asks what we must do to get there, and thus reveals the potential for a radically different path. This resulted in the creation of our 6 strategic visions.

Strategic Visions

  • To have all products developed with the inclusion of cradle-to-cradle principles
  • To be always out front of regulatory requirements
  • To have Millennials equate Hunter as a proactive global citizen
  • To reduce our carbon footprint 5% annually
  • To continuously develop and adopt the newest sustainable technologies
  • To meet the needs of the global middle class in an environment of reduced resources


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