Commercial Rotors

I-90 - Adjust Stator

When installing nozzles, you must also correctly set the stator to ensure proper speed of rotation. Failure to correctly set the stator may cause a non-rotation condition.

  1. Remove the riser assembly from the body by turning counterclockwise on the body cap.
  2. Remove the filter screen to access the stator by pulling outward. 
  3. The stator has a protruding tab that aligns with a pointer. Remove the stator by grasping this tab with pliers and pulling outward.
  4. Replace the stator so the pointer is set to the number with the nozzle number installed.
  5. Visually check for proper assembly of nozzles, set screws, and stator. Reverse the preparation procedure to reassemble the unit.


Nozzle/Stator Chart
Nozzle Number Stator Position
33 33
38 38
43 43
48 48
53 53
63 63
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