Glen Erin Golf Club

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Glen Erin Golf Club, Janesville, Wisconsin,
United States

Ten years later Hunter continues to stand by and improve their product by means of rigorous factory and field testing. ”

- David Braasch
Golf Course Superintendent
Glen Erin Golf Club

Glen Erin Grows Strong with Innovation

This 6,806 yard golf course brings a distinct Old Irish flavor to Southern Wisconsin. It features wide undulating fairways, immense greens, pot bunkers, sandy waste areas and native fescues in the outer rough. Prominent stone walls frame the entranceway, and invite guests to a simpler time, and an ancient game with a rich history and tradition.


The construction of the Glen Erin Golf Club began in the fall of 2001. When it came to selecting an irrigation system, the design team was looking for a solution that combined reliability and convenience. Since it was a new build, they also wanted a system that lent itself to adjustability and ease of maintenance. Other issues with construction centered on the course’s unique location, which is in between an airport and a river valley.

Glen Erin Golf Course Sprinkler Heads


After reviewing the options of virtually all major manufacturers, developers opted for a Hunter decoder-based system with G880 rotors. The decoder based system offered the ability to add onto the system at any point without running wire all the way back to the controller. G880s were chosen because of their Total Top Service (TTS) and Decoder in Head (DIH) features, which allow all serviceable parts of the head to be accessed through the top of the sprinkler, so no turf ever needs to be disturbed.

Glen Erin Golf Course with Rotors


In ten years of operation the Glen Erin golf course has grown into a pristine golf course that completely accomplishes its initial goal of mirroring the old Irish style courses. The Hunter system has performed with extreme reliability and efficiency. The decoder based configuration and TTS features of the rotors have allowed course management to literally fine-tune the system on a daily basis.

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