Battery Operated Controllers Comparison Chart

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No Power, No Problem
Battery operated controllers allow irrigation to occur without tapping into an electrical connection. They still maintain most of the user-friendly features provided by their wired counterparts.


  NODE WVC XC-Hybrid
Max Number of Stations 1, 2, 4, 6 1, 2, 4 6, 12
Valve Wire Options Conventional Conventional Conventional
Number of Programs 3 4 3
Start Times Per Program 4 9 4
Type* Fixed Fixed Fixed
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Enclosure Type  Waterproof Waterproof Plastic Indoor/Outdoor
Stainless Indoor/Outdoor
Solar Sync ET Sensor Compatible No  No  No 
Central Control Compatible No No No
Remote Control Compatible No  No No
Flow Sensor Compatible No No No
Rain/Freeze Sensor Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Number of Sensor Inputs 1 1 1
Max Station Run Time (Hrs) 6 4 4
Light Commercial