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X-Core - Programmable Delay Between Stations

This feature allows the user to select a time delay between the end of one station run time and the start of another station's run time. The delay can be set for 1 second up to 4 hours. The delay is a convenient feature when working with slow closing valves or slow well water recovery.

Programmable Delay Between Stations

  1. Start with the dial in the RUN position.
  2. Press and hold the    button down while turning the dial to the RUN TIMES position.
  3. Release the    button. At this point the display will show a delay time for all stations in seconds, which will be flashing.
  4. Press the    or    buttons to increase or decrease the delay time between 0 and 4 hours.
  5. Return the dial to the RUN position.  

Note: The minutes option will not appear until 59 seconds (59) is passed with the   button, the display will then show "0:01" for a 1 minute delay.




X-Core Owner's Manual
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