Solar Sync - Installing the Sensor

Installing the Sensor

Using the screws provided, mount the Solar Sync sensor on any surface where it will be exposed to unobstructed sun and rainfall, but not in the path of sprinkler spray. The sensor needs to be oriented upright and the swivel bracket can be moved for mounting on angled surfaces. Loosen the locknut and screw before swiveling the bracket and then retighten.

  1. Sun
  2. Solar Sync


NOTE: The Wireless Solar Sync Sensor is designed to operate to a maximum distance of 800 feet (228 m) from the Wireless receiver. Place Solar Sync where it can receive full sun.


The Sensor Gutter Mount can also be used as an optional mounting method. The Sensor Gutter Mount (SGM) allows the Sensor to be mounted directly to the edge of a gutter. Install the SGM on the Sensor by removing the extension arm supplied with your Sensor and reinstalling SGM in its place. Position the SGM on the edge of the gutter and secure by twisting the thumb screw.

  1. Re-use screw and nut from original extension arm

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