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WVC - Setting Days to Water

Selecting Specific Days of the Week to Water

For specific day of the week watering, the station number and 7 days of the week with a    icon or a    icon above the numbered day will be displayed. The    icon would represent an "ON" watering day, while the    icon would represent an "OFF" watering day.

  1. Press the    button to navigate to the desired station.
  2. With the    cursor on a specific day (the curser always starts with 1), press the    button to activate a particular day of the week to water. Press the    to cancel watering for that day. After pressing a button the cursor automatically advances to the next day.
  3. Repeat step 1 until all desired days have been selected. The selected days will show with a    to indicate their status "ON". The last    is the last watering day for the program.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each station.

Selecting Interval Watering

With this option you can select Interval watering from 1 to 31 days.

  1. Use the    button to navigate to the desired station.
  2. With the    cursor on day 7, press the     button once. The interval watering icon (ICON MISSING) will be displayed along with the interval number (flashing).
  3. Press the    or    button to select the number of days between watering days (1 to 31). This is called the interval. Pressing the    at anytime during the interval setup will advance back to specific days of the week to water.

The controller will water the next Start Time and will then water at the interval programmed.

Note: If interval watering is selected, make sure the interval mode is displayed prior to navigating to the next station.

Your WVP is now ready to transmit settings to your WVC.

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