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Hunter Industries 40th Anniversary Celebration9:32

Hunter Industries 40th Anniversary Celebration

We are so thankful to mark four decades of innovation, collaboration, and partnership with our customers around the globe. As...Published: 4 January, 2022إختصاص
Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary16:01

Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary

Deborah Hamlin of the Irrigation Association interviews Greg Hunter about Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary. Published: 8 November, 2021إختصاص
XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming15:10

XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming

This is an overview of the basic programming for the XC Hybrid Controller from Hunter Industries....Tags: لوحات التحكم, XC Hybrid, مجال المعرفه, كاملPublished: 3 November, 2021مجال المعرفه
Focus on Design: Sustainability8:51

Focus on Design: Sustainability

Published: 12 October, 2021إختصاص
Handbook of Technical Irrigation Information10:47

Handbook of Technical Irrigation Information

Hunter provides resources to help create well-functioning irrigation systems while maximizing design-time efficiency....Published: 23 September, 2021إختصاص
Focus on Design: Hunter University10:06

Focus on Design: Hunter University

Hunter Industries provides free online education resources for designers and specifiers. Learn how to grow your professional...Published: 27 July, 2021إختصاص
New WAND Bluetooth Features that Improve the X2 Controller Installation Experience18:25

New WAND Bluetooth Features that Improve the X2 Controller Installation Experience

In this Counter Buzz video, the product manager for the WAND and X2 Controller explains the new features and enhancements...Tags: Hydrawise, X2™, Counter Buzz, كاملPublished: 25 May, 2021Counter Buzz
NODE-BT Irrigation Controller with SC-PROBE Soil Moisture Sensor7:16

NODE-BT Irrigation Controller with SC-PROBE Soil Moisture Sensor

In this video, you will learn how to install, connect, set up, and program soil moisture sensor with a NODE-BT irrigation...Tags: لوحات التحكم, Node-BT, مجال المعرفه, كاملPublished: 23 April, 2021مجال المعرفه
Hunter Golf Rotor Wire Splicing27:18

Hunter Golf Rotor Wire Splicing

This video goes over several methods of splicing wires for the Hunter Golf TTS-800 series rotor....Tags: رشاش ملاعب الجولف الدوار, مجال المعرفه, كاملPublished: 23 March, 2021مجال المعرفه
Sports Turf Irrigation Solutions21:15

Sports Turf Irrigation Solutions

Hunter Industries presents a webinar on Sports Turf Irrigation Solutions Tags: رشاشات دوارة, I-25, إختصاص, كاملPublished: 17 February, 2021إختصاص
HUNTER EZ Decoder Diagnostic Tool8:30

HUNTER EZ Decoder Diagnostic Tool

HUNTER EZ Decoder Diagnostic Tool: Handheld, wireless diagnostic tool for EZ Decoder System Tags: لوحات التحكم, EZ Decoder System, Counter Buzz, كاملPublished: 16 February, 2021Counter Buzz
Whats New in Irrigation, 202121:33

Whats New in Irrigation, 2021

Hunter Industries presents a webinar on What's New in Irrigation for 2021 Tags: رشاشات دوارة, Centralus™, إختصاص, كاملPublished: 16 February, 2021إختصاص


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