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HCC - Installing ICM Station Modules

The base model of HCC is supplied with an ICM-800 station output module. The capacity of the controller is increased when new station modules are installed and recognized.

Standard ICM station modules are available in 4, 8, and 22 station sizes (ICM-400, ICM-800, ICM-2200). These may be added at any time after initial installation. 

Note: The ICM-2200 (22 Station module) should always  be installed in the last two module slots to make it compatible.

Step 1

Open the controller inner panel, and choose the next available open slot in the controller. Slots are numbered, down the first column and up the second.

Step 2

Flip the blue locking lever into the vertical unlocked position.

Step 3

Tip the two tabs on one end of the module into the mating holes in one end of the slot, and tip the module firmly into place.

Step 4

Flip the locking lever into the horizontal locked position.

Step 5

Press the Reset button on the back of the controller control panel. This is required for the controller to recognize the new module.

Step 6

Connect field and common wiring as needed and test.

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