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ACC2 - Mainsafe

A MainSafe is an optional level of flow monitoring and protection above the Flow Zone level. It is especially useful when:

  • Mehr als eine Flowzone von der selben Wasserquelle konfiguriert wurde.
  • Eine große Distanz zwischen dem Verbindungspunkt und dem Beginn der eigentlichen Flowzone(n) liegt.
  • Separate Hauptleitungen nur zur manuellen Beregnung konstant gefüllt sind.

MainSafe zones generally require their own flow sensor, and their own Master Valve. Often these are Normally Open Master Valves, which only close in the event of an alarm.

Um ein MainSafe einzurichten, drehen Sie den Drehschalter auf das Menü „Flow“ und wählen Sie „MainSafe“.


Setup Bildschirm

Drücken Sie den Soft-Key für Setup.

This allows the MainSafe to be named (recommended). Check the box to enable Monitor Flow.

Ordnen Sie den P/MV-Ausgang und Flowsensor für das MainSafe zu.

The Flow Zones check marks and X’s cannot be set here. They show the relationship of this MainSafe to the Flow Zones. These are assigned in the Flow Zones menu, Flow Map screen.


Flow Limits Screen

Drücken Sie den Soft-Key für „Flowgrenzen“.

Maximum Flow

Maximum Flow is an absolute high limit for all flow from the MainSafe level (the water source). If the flow rate exceeds that amount, irrigation will be shut down. It does not matter what stations are running or what the learned flow is. This should be considerably larger than the maximum flow allowed in normal irrigation in all downstream Flow Zones (so that it does not alarm before station-level and Flow Zone diagnostics can be performed).


Außerplanmäßiger Flow

Unscheduled Flow is any flow that is detected by the flow sensor when no stations are running. A flow rate can be entered here to permit manual watering up to the specified amount, without causing an alarm or shutting off the water. If unscheduled flow is detected over that amount, an alarm will occur.



High flows will alarm immediately if this is set to None, or they will be ignored until they have lasted as long as the time entered here. Set in M:SS format; the longest delay is 9 minutes, 59 seconds. This can eliminate false alarms from temporary surges in flow.


Pause Alarm löschen

Sets the amount of time a MainSafe zone will remain shut down before allowing new automatic irrigation attempts. Set in HH:MM format, the longest delay setting is 23 hours, 59 minutes.

If Alarm Clear Delay is set to Manual Only, automatic irrigation will never resume after a high flow or unscheduled flow alarm, until it is manually cleared by an operator at the controller. The operator must dial to the Flow menu, select Clear Flow Alarms, the Flow Alarms that should be cleared, and click Clear Selected.

Specifies how long the MainSafe zone will remain shut down after a Max Flow or Unscheduled Flow alarm occurs, in hours:minutes. This is set to 23 hours, 59 minutes, but this can be changed to other intervals, or set to Manual Only.

If Alarm Clear Delay is set to Manual Only, the controller will not water again until a user visits the site, and manually clears the flow alarm. This assumes a mainline break has occurred and that no watering should occur until it is repaired.

Allowances Screen

Drücken Sie den Soft-Key „Erlaubnis“, um das monatliche Budget und die Erlaubnis manueller Bewässerung einzustellen.


Monatliches Budget

Enter the total amount on the Allowances screen in this MainSafe™ in the calendar month. If the total flow exceeds the monthly budget, an alarm message will appear on the screen. The controller will not automatically stop watering when this alarm occurs.


Erlaubnis manuelle Bewässerung

This is an additional amount of flow that is permitted over all other flow rate limits for manual watering that may occur during automatic irrigation. An alarm will not occur until other limits, plus the amount entered here, have been exceeded.

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