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Date: Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

How can contractors make sure the micro irrigation systems they install for large commercial projects are working properly? Install the new Hunter 30 cm Eco-Indicator! Taller, Sturdier, and More Reliable This expansion to the Hunter Eco-Indicator family makes it quicker and easier to verify system operation from afar. The rugged 30 cm device provides a convenient visual signal when the system is pressurised and running. Its elevated height provides a clear line of sight over tall shrubs, flowers, and

Date: Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

        The weight of pedestrian traffic and lawn equipment can cause damage to underground piping. Newly redesigned Hunter Spiral Barb Elbows (HSBE) add durability to pipe connection points to prevent leaks and breakage. “Our new HSBE fittings are bigger and beefier for increased strength,” said Steve Hoveln, Product Manager at Hunter Industries. “They also sport a new barb design that makes installation so easy, you don’t even need tools!” Bigger Barbs, Better Design HSBE fittings feature an

Date: Monday, 1 November, 2021

 Get more out of Hydrawise™ enabled HPC Controllers with two innovative output modules that offer simple system expansion and affordable two-wire control.  PCM-1600 Output Module  When it comes time for a system expansion, contractors don’t have to replace the controller to add more zones. They simply plug in the PCM-1600 Output Module to enable control for up to 23 conventional stations, and pick up where they left off!  PC-DM Output Module  The HPC Controller is now compatible with Hunter’s

Date: Thursday, 27 May, 2021

Wi-Fi makes installing and managing irrigation systems quicker, easier, and more convenient. But what can contractors do when a site has a poor internet connection, or none at all? To solve this problem, the WAND Module for X2 Controllers now includes new software that enables Bluetooth® pairing for seamless Wi-Fi setup in just minutes. Once online, contractors can use these easy-to-learn features to get site tasks done quickly: Using the Hydrawise® app, contractors can connect in six simple

Date: Tuesday, 9 June, 2020

Hunter is proud to introduce two new kits designed to expand the capabilities of the Pro-C controller. The kits allow users to easily expand station counts and bring the power of two-wire technology to residential or small commercial projects. The PCM-1600-KIT enables control for up to 23 conventional stations. If users need to expand the system, they don’t have to replace the controller to add more zones. They simply plug in the PCM-1600 output module and pick up where they left off. The PC-DM-KIT

Date: Wednesday, 4 March, 2020

The economical X2 controller continues the legacy set by the popular X-Core® with the same set of reliable and highly efficient capabilities, but brings irrigation management into the next generation by providing the option to add advanced water-saving features using Hunter’s industry-leading wireless Hydrawise technology. With X2, contractors can keep the familiar dial-based programming style offered by X-Core. If they choose to upgrade to cloud-based Hydrawise management, programming is fast and easy

Date: Tuesday, 18 February, 2020

PR-075 Pressure Regulator for ¾" Inlet Rotors The PR-075 pressure regulator reduces high water pressures of 3.4–6.9 bar (345–690 kPa) to 3.1 bar (310 kPa) on rotors with ¾" inlets. Pressure regulation allows nozzles to operate at peak efficiency, ensures accurate water delivery, prevents overspray onto hardscapes and adjacent areas, and saves up to 25% more water.  The PR-075 gives contractors new opportunities to tune up existing systems that are not performing at their best by adding pressure 

Date: Tuesday, 18 February, 2020

The I-50 large turf rotor is built to conquer the most demanding conditions. The powerful internal drive mechanism and versatile arc adjustment style are derived from Hunter’s time-proven golf rotors to ensure top performance in any application. The I-50 has a durable, stainless steel riser and color-coded nozzles to simplify maintenance and identification in the field. The rotor thrives in poor water quality and harsh soil conditions. “There are many projects where internal and external debris

Date: Tuesday, 21 January, 2020

Golf course superintendents have a difficult job when it comes to irrigation management. Playability directly impacts revenue, so effective irrigation is critical at all times. Harsh environments and dirty water can make matters even more complicated. With heavy-duty, highly efficient, and easy-to-service TTS-800 rotors from Hunter Industries, superintendents can push past these obstacles to ensure beautiful, playable courses for years to come. TTS-800 Series rotors provide maximum uniformity and

Date: Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

New NODE-BT Controller Offers Wireless Management from the Palm of Your Hand Contractors can steer clear of the valve box with the new battery-operated NODE-BT controller. NODE-BT is enabled with powerful wireless Bluetooth® technology that can be easily managed from a smartphone. It’s the perfect choice for gardens, parks, medians, roundabouts, greenhouses, or other outdoor applications where AC power is unavailable. NODE-BT is controlled by a multi-language smartphone app. The app keeps track of all


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