MP800SR-90: Short Radius MP Rotator Now Available

Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

A short radius version of the popular MP Rotator product family, the MP800SR, is now available. This new MP Rotator extends the product line's ability to reach radius settings as low as 1.8 m, while also reaching 3.5 m at the maximum radius setting.

The MP800SR was designed for short radius irrigation needs while retaining all of the features and benefits of the current MP Rotator line, including high distribution uniformity, wind-resistant streams, debris-resistant double-pop, and construction with the highest quality materials available.

This low volume device applies water at approximately 20 mm/hr, maintaining this precipitation rate through arc and radius adjustments. The MP800SR is offered in an adjustable 90°-210° arc model; a full circle (360°) model will be available later this year.

To learn more visit the MP Rotator SR Series webpage or click on the video below.

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