Simplify Installation and Maintenance with the ST-1700V Long-Range Synthetic Turf Rotor

Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Keep synthetic sports turf clean and cool with the all-new Hunter ST-1700V synthetic sports turf rotor. The ST-1700V is a heavy-duty, long-range gear-driven rotor designed for irrigating synthetic turf sports fields from the perimeter.

The ST-1700V offers convenient Valve-In-Head (VIH) capabilities for simple installation and servicing. With the proven ST-1600 gear-drive, this new VIH variation integrates the control valve, solenoid, and manual ON-Off-Auto selector within the heavy-duty impact-resistant case.

“This convenient and compact design is appreciated by installers and field managers,” said Kelsey Jacquard, Senior Product Manager. “With the Valve-in-Head design and Total-Top-Serviceability, installation and maintenance is simplified, saving time and money.”

The spacious flange compartment of the ST-1700V has plenty of room for full-sized waterproof splice connectors. In addition, a cradle in the compartment can nest a decoder to accommodate two-wire control systems.

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