Boost HPC Controller Capabilities with Module Enhancements

Monday, 1 November, 2021

 Get more out of Hydrawise enabled HPC Controllers with two innovative output modules that offer simple system expansion and affordable two-wire control.

 PCM-1600 Output Module

 When it comes time for a system expansion, contractors don’t have to replace the controller to add more zones. They simply plug in the PCM-1600 Output Module to enable control for up to 23 conventional stations, and pick up where they left off!

 PC-DM Output Module

 The HPC Controller is now compatible with Hunter’s innovative EZ Decoder System. Contractors can easily add the PC-DM Output Module to an HPC Controller to enable simple, reliable two-wire control and quick system expansion up to 32 stations.

 “Since launching these modules in our Pro-C Controller, customers have requested the same capabilities in our Hydrawise enabled HPC Controller,” said Ben Sacks, Product Manager at Hunter Industries. “With this enhancement, we’re answering the  call to offer a smaller, more affordable solution that employs the power of Hydrawise Software.”

 The PCM-1600 and PC-DM Output Modules make the HPC one of the most flexible and affordable Wi-Fi enabled controllers on the market. It’s an ideal solution for residential and light commercial projects like business sites, city parks, shopping centres, and schools.

 These modules are compatible with HPC Controllers now.

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