Centralus - Releasing the ACC2 Controller to A New User

After setting up an ACC2 controller in your Centralus account, you may choose to release the controller (serial number) to another user. This will require the controller's deletion, so it's important to make sure the controller is updated to the most recent firmware. The firmware 4.10 has a feature called "Conflict Resolution" that notifies the user of schedule settings that differ between the software and the controller in the field. When the NEW user adds the controller into the Centralus software, they will immediately choose the desired programming (software or field). Learn more

To update existing controller firmware: You can download the 4.10 controller update from the product support page on our website using an SD card at any time and update your controller. Learn more


Removing the Controller
  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on the MENU icon ().
  3. Click on CONTROLLER LIST.
  4. Select the CONTROLLER from your list that will need to be removed.
  5. Click on the programming tab labeled PERMISSIONS.
  6. Click on DELETE CONTROLLER. Be sure to read the warning note that is displayed below.
  7. Confirm deletion and click DELETE DEVICE.

WARNING: This will completely remove this from your Centralus account. Any users linked to this controller will also lose access to it. For information on adding the controller into the account, click here.

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