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Commercial Rotors - I-25 Rotor Nozzle Installation

Step 1

Insert the plastic end of the Hunter adjustment wrench into the lifting socket of the rotor and turn 90 degrees. Pulling up the riser will allow access to the nozzle port for installation.

Step 2

Visually check to make sure the nozzle screw is not blocking the socket where you are about to install the nozzle. Slip the nozzle into the nozzle socket, the nozzle socket is angled up 25 degrees.

Step 3

The triangle on the rubber cover will always indicate the location of the nozzle and direction of the water flow, when the rotor is retracted. After the nozzle is installed, turn the adjustment screw a quarter turn clockwise to hold the nozzle into place. Anymore than a quarter rotation of the radius reduction screw will result in a minimized radius.

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