Centralus ACC2 - Controller Settings Tab

The controller Settings tab contains high-level information about the controller, plus Advanced settings that the controller will use in irrigation.

Controller Information

Shows vital statistics about the controller’s connection. The serial number of the WIFIKIT or LANKIT is embedded in the communications module, and is required for all connections.


The firmware version shown is for the controller facepack (not the communication modules). Most new Centralus installations will be required to update the firmware over the air (OTA), and the new version will be shown after the update.

WIFIKIT Information shows the IP address, the MAC of the communication modem, and most importantly, the signal strength.

Signal strength is the key to reliable communications. Centralus will show a verbal grade of the signal (Excellent, Good, Okay, Weak, etc.) that is adequate for most purposes. The actual reading at the controller is also shown, in negative decibels (dB). The signal will always be negative, but the very best readings are around -50 dB. The lower the number, the worse the signal, where -100 dB is very poor.


Refresh Network Info

Signal strength can change rapidly, depending on the physical location. Traffic, vegetation, and the router itself can cause changes, so the Refresh Network Info button will force a new check and update the information.

LANKIT information does not require signal strength information, since the connection is hardwired.



The physical location of the controller on the map (and the forecast it uses) are determined by the address settings. It must be a valid postal address that can be verified by Google Maps.


Date and Time

Date and Time are also determined by the physical address of the controller. They cannot be changed to another time zone.

The Send Date and Time button can be used to update the controller time immediately, if it is not correct for some reason.


Controller Name

You can type a controller name up to 50 characters long.



The checkbox list tells Centralus what types of conditions will send an SMS text message alert to your phone (to the number you enter at System Settings).

Centralus will not send more than one SMS text per controller per day, to control costs.



The Advanced section shows controller features that are often referred to as “Hidden Features” in the controller, because they require special dial operations to access them. These features are much more easily accessed and set from Centralus. Click the Edit button to change and send any of these settings to the controller.


Cycle & Soak

Automatically divides station run times into Cycle & Soak periods, to prevent runoff or puddles due to soil conditions.


Pump Master Valve

Assigns certain stations to operate the P/MV output, and others to run without it. The controller normally starts the P/MV with every station, but this feature can be used to create exceptions to the rule.


Delay Between Stations

Adds a delay period between each station run time in the controller. This can be used to wait for slow-closing valves, to recharge a pump tank, or for other reasons.



This will completely reset (erase) the controller programming, and return it to the out-of-the-box condition. The controller must be re-programmed to irrigate.



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