Connecting the Two-Wire Paths


Slide the module lock to the unlocked “Power Off” position.


Route the red and blue wire paths from the field up through the wire openings or conduit into the controller wiring compartment.


Connect the red and blue two-wire paths to the decoder output screw terminals below the decoder module.  Make sure the two wire path wires (red/blue) are connected between the two pastic curtains.


There are two rows of screw terminals in the controller that are accessed through an opening in the decoder module cover, one red and one blue, labeled 1-2-3. Each numbered pair represents a possible two-wire path to the field (some systems only use one pair, others may use all three).


Connect the red wire from a twisted pair to a numbered red terminal, and connect the blue wire to the blue terminal with the same number. Do not connect more than one wire to any of the terminals. Do not mix red from one pair with the blue from another pair. Keep each pair separate, red to red and blue to blue, until all pairs are connected to their numbered terminals.


Slide the module lock to the locked “Power On” position and test. The decoder output module display should show that it is ready for programming or operation. 

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