Eco-Mat - Calculations

Run Eco-Mat parallel to longest irrigated area length to ensure quick installation and to minimize fitting quantities. To calculate Eco-Mat row quantity for a specific area, divide the shorter side of the area by 26 inches (66 centimeters). The width of the Eco-Mat is 32 inches (80 centimeters), but we will overlap the product by about 6 inches (15 centimeters) in order to attain regular 14-inch (35 centimeter) lateral intervals.

Calculate the length of the runs by the quantity of rows to understand the total linear feet (meters) of product required.

Examples: 20' x 40' area. 20' (240") / 26" = 9.3 rows (round up to 10 rows)

10 rows x 40’ lengths = 400 linear feet

6 m x 12 m area. 6 (600) / 66 = 9.09 rows (round up to 10 rows)

10 rows x 12 m lengths = 120 linear meters


We recommend keeping additional Eco-Mat on hand for unforeseen shortages.

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