How do I replace my existing halogen LM fixture with the new LED version?


FX has made it really easy to make this switch. Follow these step by step instructions to make your install as effortless as possible.


1. The Hunter screwdriver has the right sized allen key to remove the two allen screws on the faceplate, or a 5/64 allen key will work as well.
2. Unscrew both mounting screws and remove the faceplate.
3. With the faceplate removed you will now have to unscrew the two reflector mounting screws.
4. Pull the reflector shield out. More than likely the wire connections are behind this reflector, be careful not to pull to hard and lose the wire ends into the wall.
5. The existing halogen inner box will need to be removed, unscrew both mouting screws.
6. Remove halogen inner box.
7. In a real life scenario, by this step you should have your transformer wires hanging out the front of the fixture's box.
8. Feed the transformer wires through the back of the new LED sleeve to make wiring easier.
9. After you've fed the wires through you can install the new LED sleeve by screwing both mounting screws back in tight.
10. Install the new reflector shield into the new LED sleeve.
11. Line the refelector up at the angle parallel to grade or to the lines in material being mounted to.
12. Screw both screws in tight once an angle is chosen.
13. The existing faceplate can now be reinstalled.
14. Tighten both mounting screws to hold the faceplate in position.


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