Mini-Clik - Troubleshooting

There is no required maintenance for the unit. The Mini-Clik does not have to be removed or covered for “winterizing” purposes.


The controller is continuously watering


A. First, check to see that the Mini-Clik discs are dry and the switch “clicks” on and off freely by pressing the top of the spindle.

B. Next, look for breaks in the wire leading to the Mini-Clik and check all wire junctions.

C. Finally, if the Mini-Clik is dry and the wire leading to it is good, check the Mini- Clik switch by nicking the insulation of the two “outer” wires near the unit to expose copper. Turn one sprinkler zone on, and apply a “jumper wire” across the two exposed wires. If the sprinkler now comes on, the switch is bad. Wrap all nicked wires with electrical tape.


System will not shut off even after heavy rainfall


A. Check wiring for correctness

B. Check sensitivity setting on Mini-Clik – move cap to more sensitive setting. The Mini-Clik is an accurate rain gauge and can be verified by setting up a “tube” type rain gauge in the same vicinity and making periodic readings.

C. Is the rainfall actually hitting the Mini-Clik? Check for obstructions to rainfallsuch as overhangs, trees or walls.


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