Pro-HC - Factory Reset

Your Hydrawise Controller is much like your other home devices, such as a computer, router, and television. The devices might require a Power Cycle to correct the operation. If your Controller is not operating as expected, then the most effective method of restarting any controller is a Power Cycle.

Power Cycle (Preferred Method)

This is the preferred method for all models of the Hydrawise controller line. The Power Cycle is the most effective method of providing a complete restart to a controller. This method should be used for lost Wi-Fi connection, system operating erratically, and/or reporting errors.

  1. Unplug Controller.
  2. Leave unplugged until the screen has No Display at all.
  3. Restore Power to the controller.

Note: If your controller is hardwired with no plug, we recommend contacting a qualified irrigation professional for assistance. Models HPC & HCC include ribbon cables that can be unplugged to remove power.

Factory Reset

This method removes all the information stored in the controller: the programs, Wi-Fi settings, Delays, Sensor configuration, etc. After the Factory Reset, you must reconnect your controller to the internet. All other settings will be sent to the controller from the cloud when back online.

This is a great method for re-establishing a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. From the home screen, select Settings.
  2. Select Config.
  3. Select Factory Default.
  4. Select Erase config.
  5. Select Ok to start.
  6. Select Ok to scan for networks.
  7. You can choose your 2.4g Network from the list provided on the screen.
  8. Select Confirm.
  9. Enter the Wireless Password and select OK.
  10. Select Continue to perform a network test.

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