Rain Clik - Bypassing the Sensor

The wired and wireless sensor models can be bypassed using the Rain Sensor Bypass Switch on the Hunter Controller.

Hunter X-Core, XC Hybrid, Pro-C (PC-400), ICC2, and I-Core controllers have a rain sensor bypass switch located on the face pack. To bypass the sensor using the switch on the controller, slide the switch to BYPASS, or away from ACTIVE. Sliding the switch back will re-enable the sensor.

The Hunter Node controller allows for sensor bypass. Click here for instructions to bypass the Rain-Clik sensor on the Node.

The discontinued XC, PC-300, and ICC units have the rain sensor bypass switch on the front panel. The SRC / SRC-Plus has a dedicated dial switch position for sensor bypass. Simply turn the dial to RUN (BYPASS SENSOR) and the weather sensor will be overridden.

The wireless rain sensor may be bypassed by using the built-in bypass feature on the receiver. To bypass the sensor, press the SENSOR BYPASS button on the receiver. The bypass status light will turn red when the sensor is bypassed. Pressing the SENSOR BYPASS button again will re-enable the sensor and the sensor bypass light will go out.

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