Solar Sync ET sensor can share one sensor transmitter with multiple Hunter AC controllers. To accomplish this setup, each controller would need a separate wireless Solar Sync Receiver (P/N: WSSR). Each receiver will need to communicate with the same transmitter.

WSS-SEN (wireless Solar Sync) comes as a kit with one receiver and one transmitter, each has their communication address preset, for the extra receiver (WSSR) you will need to address it to the transmitter.

NOTE: Units purchased as a kit will already have their communication address preset. No addressing is necessary, however, if the receiver or transmitter is replaced you need to reset the address.

Each transmitter is produced with a unique address. A receiver must learn this address to work with that transmitter. This step is only necessary if transmitters and receivers are purchased separately.


Setting the Transmitter Address at the Receiver:
  1. After receiver’s green and black wires have been connected to the controller, RESTORE power to the controller.
  2. The RED LED in the center of the wireless receiver will turn on and stay solid for 10 seconds, indicating that it is in search mode, searching for a signal from a wireless sensor.
  3. While the red LED is solid and the wireless receiver is in SEARCH mode, press and hold the spindle on the wireless Sensor. The LED on the wireless receiver will blink 4 times and then turn off, indicating that the signal from the wireless Sensor has been acknowledged.

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