Solar Sync - Connecting to Other Hunter Controllers

Connecting to the ICC

The Hunter ICC controllers require the installation of the Solar Sync module as well as the Sensor.

Installing the Solar Sync Module

  1. Turn off AC power to the controller before connecting the Solar Sync module to the controller.
  2. Connect the red wire from the module to the AC1 terminal.
  3. Connect the white wire from the module to the AC2 terminal.
  4. Connect the blue wire from the module to the SEN terminal.
  5. Remove the metal jumper (if installed) from the two sensor terminals.
  6. Connect the yellow wire from the module to one of the SEN terminals.
  7. Connect the orange wire from the module to on of the SEN terminals.
  8. Wire the black and green wires from the module to the receiver or sensor as shown in directions above for Wired or Wireless Solar Sync Installation.

Note: The Solar Sync is not compatible with Hunter Battery powered controllers.

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